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 I know. I know

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PostSubject: I know. I know   Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:55 pm

I know that I've been more or less ditching some of the RPs that I've done, but I just had trouble with them

Now I want to try and start on a new slate more or less.

I'm willing to take ideas or use my own. 

One of my ideas involves anthro and some Sci-fi elements mixed with fantasy.

My character is a marine that was imprisoned for murdering a village of people and instead of being set in a prison for war criminals he was sent to a secret facility that uses my character in genetic experiments.

He has been used for years in these experiments to the point he had reptile like features such as his eyes turning yellow and having slit like irises as well as regeneration of lost limbs like how some lizards regrow their tails.

After a teleportation experiment that goes wrong, he develops fully into a human shaped reptile before finally vanishing.

His body then teleports into a village that was much like the one that he had single handed destroyed though in this world he finds that the world is filled with animals that take human shapes much like how he is now.

There will be a story in between him finding his way though I want that to be revealed as the RP goes along
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I know. I know
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