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 -Another Shot- (M/M)

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Devil Posters

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PostSubject: Re: -Another Shot- (M/M)   Thu Sep 19, 2013 3:58 pm

(may I?.. chara Iam using is a demon male.~)

on his normale jog from his school teaching young kids how to learn . len stoped to take a breather till he saw a moving truck and a new face. 'she must be new here?'he asked him self blowing the long hair off his face he jogged over seeing what was up. and just in time. seeing a young lady coming out from her home asking for some help. "well looks like you need it.. and welcome to the block."he said taking out his hand. then len looked at the house," poor guys never got a change to finish."len said taking off his top shirt and putting it to the side his body was a full muscle hot man body bult for any thing even careying heavey things ."soo are thses the boxes?"he asked picking them up like nothing."and don't worry about it.. I love to help out." jlen said once he picked up the last few boxes to the up stars rooms. len streach and smiled at the frount of him."there that's all of it.. oohh how rud of me.. am len lixx and you are miss?"he asked frgeting about her name
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PostSubject: -Another Shot- (M/M)   Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:56 am

Ren was new in town. She felt a change of scenery was a must from her old home that was surrounded by drama and unecessary fighting plus the depression. Living in a new town with endless posibilities was the way to go, and who knows, she could have much more fun here rather than 'there'. Pulling into the driveway of her new apartment building, she got out of the moving truck and popped open the back. A sigh escapes her lips, her silver-grey optics looking over the many boxes she had to bring up on her own. "I might as well suck it up and get started, yeah?" The raven haired woman said, her mind already seeing how long it'll take. With a few hops to get her pumped and shake the lazy feeling off her body, she begun to take her things inside to the second floor and into her place. "Least the furnitures' already in!"

Hours and hours with few breaks in between. She had tied her long hair up in a pony tail and took off her sweater by then. There were a few boxes left, but damn she was spent. She looked out into the streets and scanned for any potential muscle that could help her out because this was just rediculous..

Catching the sight of a male, she quickly waved him over before he would turn away. As he would approach, Ren would come closer to meet him half way. "Hey," she began with a little smile, digging her hands in her back pockets that would let her shoulders raise a bit, and then stood with her toes positioned inward giving the male the impression of a sweet and innocent woman in need. "I just moved here.. And I was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me bringing my stuff upstairs? Been at it all day and still not done," she laughs weakly. Her head tilts to the side as her smile sweetens, charming the male to the best of her innocent abilities. "Help a girl out? I'll pay you for it," she would bargan.

(ooc: looking for a male, para rp, will become mature along the way depending on how it goes. Non-humans accepted except for god-moders. Also, hi! <-- newbie here.)
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-Another Shot- (M/M)
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