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 Stuck. On Last Airbender kick. HELP!

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PostSubject: Stuck. On Last Airbender kick. HELP!   Tue Dec 17, 2013 9:24 pm

I am in a serious slump, and need help.

I am 're-watching avatar the last airbender and want to do my own spin. It will have the normal shizz, but I need someone to play my favorite hotheaded prince.

It would take place after book one, and shortly before they don't have his ship anymore.

My chick has snuck on board the ship, having so far successfully posing as one of the men.

She is practicing her bending late at night, and somehow the Prince spots her going at it. My girl's fire is particular in the way that it flickers blue when her emotions are not level, and this is how he recognizes her Razz 
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Stuck. On Last Airbender kick. HELP!
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