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 open your eyes [open m/m]

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PostSubject: Re: open your eyes [open m/m]   Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:29 pm

As the new girl said hello and extended her arm towards him, Garrik was caught off guard. Blushing, he took her hand, gave it a good friendly handshake, and said, "Hello." He wasn't sure why this girl was speaking to him, as he actually didn't think of himself as very popular, but one thing was for certain, she had some sort of an aura about her that radiated something none of the other girls had.
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PostSubject: open your eyes [open m/m]   Thu Dec 26, 2013 10:17 pm

Kami Lein had been raised into an organisation that worked very hard to keep people with powers and different creatures hidden from humans, she was the youngest in the organisation at the age of eighteen she had been given the task of following a young man the organisation was worried was showing signs of having powers. They gave her this particular task not because they thought it would be good for her, but because she had pissed some of the higherups off in her last job when she 'accidentally' shot her partner in the foot because he had tried to take advantage of her. They kept tabs on everyone and sometimes it felt a bit creepy to Kami knowing that she was spying on people when she had to spend time staring at the grainy computer screens showing footage of people going about their business. So, Kami found herself walking into a classroom wearing ripped jeans, high heeled boots and a tank top. Some of the girls shot her death looks and the guys openly stared at her, spotting the young man she was to be following Kami slipped into a seat beside him just as the teacher bustled into the room and simple told the class to do as they wished. Kami had never been in a school before and it felt strange, frowning a little she looked at the guy she was to watch she noticed he looked as if he could easily be one of kids she had heard about who ruled the school so to speak. Leaning back in her chair she crossed her arms over her stomach and raised a brow a little, "Hey, I'm Kami" she said and uncrossed one of her arms and held her hand out towards him waiting for him to shake it. Everyone around them was shouting and laughing while the teacher dozed in his chair. Even as she looked at him Kami could continue to feel people watching her, she had been taught to fight, hell she knew how to use a gun if she needed to. She wasn't scared of fighting, it was apart of the job and since the organisation had set her up in a seedy apartment building she had to already break a mans arm for groping her when she was leaving her apartment, Kami wasn't the kind of girl to sit back and let people take advantage of her. Kami knew what it was like to have powers, she could make fire from no-where and she could also heighten her senses if she needed to track someone down.
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open your eyes [open m/m]
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