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 Departed Souls! Finding The Soul That Fits! (soul eater based rp/mature/open/weapon needed)

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PostSubject: Departed Souls! Finding The Soul That Fits! (soul eater based rp/mature/open/weapon needed)   Sat Jun 21, 2014 9:43 pm

Eleven Years Ago

Vincent "Ryoku" Dormaine was just like any normal five year old boy. He liked to play in the mud, loved sports, and he had his parents wrapped around his little finger. His parents doted on their only child, and they couldn't be any happier. Most people took their family at face value, and so they didn't bother to find out who this family really was. If they would have, they would have known that the family was anything but normal. Having moved to London from some unknown place, at least unknown to their neighbors, not a lot was known about from where they had lived. And strangely enough no one asked. Vincent's parents had edged right into society, like they had always been a fixture in London society. No one even had a bad word for their son.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Two months after settling into their private London home, Vincent's parents went to relax in the living room, having put him to bed. They had feared that their son would resent their moving, but he seemed to have settled in just fine. The night was quiet, and their street was calm. Time past that night, and Vincent would have spelt right through the night, had he not been awoken by the sound of screaming, and the unforgetable smell of burning flesh. Jumping from his bed, Vincent hurried down the stairs and out onto the porch. After a moment, his eyes adjusted to the darkness, and what he saw was something he knew he would never forget.

His father looked like his body had been broken and thrown off to the side, like a child's discarded ragdoll. His mother was nowhere to be seen, but it looked like his father was cluthing the pendant he had Vincent help him pick out to give his mother for Mother's Day. Running over to him, he dropped down onto his knees beside him, crying and shaking him. His body was obviously cold, but in his grief and sadness, he could not tell that his father was dead. He was so into trying to get his father to move, he did not notice that a large, misshapen shadow had fallen over him. The thing behind him laughed, and as the five year-old cluthed over his father's body, he waited for the blow.

But it never came. Slowly sitting up, he turned to see his neighbor. The eighteen year-old was standing between Vincent and the thing that had harmed his father. His neighbor shouted something at the thing, then there was a flash of light. Vincent reached up out of reflex, and was suprised to feel the smooth coldness of white steel. Most of which happened would become nothing but a blue to him, even over the next eleven years.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Present Day

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Vincent yawned widely and rolled onto his side, yanking the covers up over his head as his window was thrown open. "Get your ass up, lazy bones!" The voice that grated against his eardrums made his teeth grind together. " Come on! You'll be late for class! We've got that test today, remember!? Come on!" Jumping to his feet, Vincent threw his pillow at his friend, making the guy fall into Vincent's study chair. "Ow!" The red-head jumped to his feet, glaring at Vincent. "What was that for?!" Ignoring his friend's glare, Vincent got up and walked over to his closet, hiding a yawn behind his hand. Reaching into the expanse of the redwood wardrobe, he pulled out a well-worn Korn t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and a pair of Demonia heeled men's boots.

Once he was dressed, he started on his hair. During this half hour period, Vincent's friend complained loudly about how long it was taking him to get ready. Silencing the red-head with his near patented glare he had his friend escort him to class, where he had everyone staring at him. Two years ago, he had gotten twin tattoos, one on each of his arms. This had cemented everyone's thoughts that he was odd. Ignoring them just as readily as his friend earlier, he sat down and started on his test, giving it his full attention. He was halfway through the test when the teacher called him outside, to tell him that he had been called, and was excused from the test.

Without a doubt of who he had been called by, he turned and walked down the hall. Soon, he was walking down the long hallway he had become so familiar with. Eyes glanced up at the blades above, a faint smile coming to his face. Right before he came to the school when he was ten, the neighbor that had saved him when he was five, had told him that this school was the same one his father and mother had gone to so long ago. Stopping outside his desination, he lightly fingered the rose-pink teardrop pendant around his neck. Sighing, he dropped his hand back to his side, and after knocking once, he opened the door and stepped inside. "You.... needed to see me?"

When he noticed he wasn't there, he frowned just a little. This was totally weird, because he was always here, in this room, when he called. Fighting back the urge to roll his eyes, he allowed herself to zone out everything, and he almost didn't hear the door behind him opening. Turning, his expression fell into its normal unreadable state when looking at other students. "Hey... Did Death-sama call you, too?" He had a sneaky suspicion on why the person was there, because for the past four years Death-sama had been trying to find a partner for him. And so far, no luck. What made this person different from the others?
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Departed Souls! Finding The Soul That Fits! (soul eater based rp/mature/open/weapon needed)
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