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 Dedicated to Velcro - RIP 11/25/14

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PostSubject: Dedicated to Velcro - RIP 11/25/14   Sun Mar 22, 2015 5:46 pm

dedicated to Velcro - RIP 11/25/14

You came to me on angel wings.
during sad times you made my heart sing.
when i needed comfort you was there.
having you gone now is sometimes more then I can bare.
I will try to remember the good times we had,
hopefully the good more then the bad.
you are gone now to where ever life goes when it ends,
thank you for being my friend.
During the dark times you was my light.
When disease came, you did your best to fight.
gone to gods arms in heaven above, I sent you there with all my love.
I will miss you dearly and no one will take your place.
Although I give anything to have you here right now,
I know that will never be, so in heaven I just hope you will wait for me.
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Dedicated to Velcro - RIP 11/25/14
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