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 Anthro Rain II: Dawn of Beast

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PostSubject: Anthro Rain II: Dawn of Beast   Tue Apr 14, 2015 12:30 am

The rain of humankind came to a sudden fall within a blink of an eye, ever since the dawn of a new day not only bright morning light as giant meteors fall to the earth and set the lands ablaze. Thus creating a hell where man becomes beast and people devour each other in this cruel world, where it's kill or be killed. The peaceful lives of many are taken away as the meteor shower destroys the earth to make anew from the new breed in hierarchy of beast. Found the lives of the victims aren't lost, as they start to awaken one by one into a strange per-historic world and become beast themselves of many kins. Such is the new life of one realizing the life he once knew is long gone, “(Kyo): where... am I...” asking oneself as he awakening at dawns first light. “(Kyo): What... am I?” Looked to his own hands he thought he would find human skin with five fingers, and yet he is faced with claws and fur. “(Kyo): No... why... am I... I... I can't remember.” Not to long ago undergoing the transformation fated to all, befallen upon this one name Kyo. Who takes the appearance of a white fox, covered in shiny white fur, dubbing in sizes of seven feet tall, with claws, fangs, tail, and all.

Not long after, within the passing day followed, the now male Anthro-fox had forgotten himself with the form life he'd walk. Only  from whats recalled of the remain to his former humanity is the name he'd cling to. “Kyo.” Nothing more besides the name is left of him, not even to stomach the food humans are accustom to, no matter it being fresh fruits and edible green vegetables, and now hunger for meat. Birds, fish, land beast of versus sorts he hunted and eaten, yet... he found one in-which Kyo couldn't bare to sink his fangs into.

One days hunt though the deepest part of the wood, where hardly any light comes shining through the thick brushes of the tall tress's. A smell was luring him with the need to hunt. Somewhere in hiding Kyo scenes it, till the hiding place was given away at the ruffling of a blush. He'd pounced but at that moment, the unknown creature came running away out from the bush to get away, before getting pounced. Like a mad beast in hunger he'd chased after it from behind, till Kyo had actually caught the poor thing, when flying through the air in a long jump to ponce and hold it pinning down on the ground. From it's belly, Kyo brought the creature to rollover on it's back, so he can look his pray in the eyes, and found it was a fearful Bunny-girl covered in lush fur, who started struggling under his weight. He leer and she became paralyzed in fear and almost came to tears, “(Kyo): Hmmm your quite the cute one, though good enough to eat.” Lightly he'd growled, ready to make the kill but something was stopping him. When looking into the scared eyes of the bunny-girl, that reads the expression; 'please don't eat me.' “(Kyo): Fear not, for I've have decided not to eat you cutey, although... you many wish I'd had once you find what I have in-mind with you.” After allow those word to sink in, the Anthro-fox abducted the Anthro bunny-girl, took her to his cave den by force if she did struggle with him.

A few days passed, coming into a new month, even since the first day living this life of a beast, Kyo did his daily ritual to hunt. Not only for himself but for two, ever since he took up the female anthro. Every waking moment she would find herself wakening, while bound by leather cuffs to her hand and legs with the added collar around the neck. It was now known she is nothing more then a pet for the fox, on many night she is force to pleasure him, as it seem her body is still worn out from last night. Returning to the den the white held in his hand versus sorts of green for her to eat, “(Kyo): you awake? I take it you must be hungry since I did kept you up all night,” evil he chuckle while taking a piece of lettuce to her lips, “(Kyo): be a good girl and eat up now.”  
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Anthro Rain II: Dawn of Beast
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