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 Night of Debauchery

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PostSubject: Night of Debauchery   Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:56 am

 The weather was over cast today, not many cars passed by her street, or people for that matter. Nina looked out her window, her hand resting on her cheek as she lets out an audible sigh. Thursday's. Thursday's are just as bad as Monday's. Nothing on tv, no one to call to hang out with, no events, nadas. Her aunt had closed the store early since there wasn't much business going on. Honestly, Nina wished she hadn't done so, least she could be walking around folding clothes or.. Or SOMETHING. It was bothering her, she hated being indoors doing absolutely nothing. "I wish there was a fight or something outside, at least it would be entertaining for a while.." She muttered.

  After 2 more quiet hours, Nina stood up with a frustrated yell. "AGHH!! I'm not spending the rest of the day like this!" Her hands pulled at her blue locks. Turning to her cat who had been sleeping on her couch, Nina turned towards him and pointed to the sky. "Before I die of absolute boredom, I'm going to go out into the street, find someone, and force them to do stuff with me! And we are going to have a great time! The best time!" She shouted. Nina walked to her room quickly, throwing open her closet door and rummaging through her clothes. "They are gunna probably be all confused but I'll be all 'no it's okay, it's gunna be fun!' And they are probably gunna go 'but I don't even know you!' But I'll be all 'I know this cool place that would be so much better with two people and we could stuff our faces with food and get hammered'," Nina ranted, throwing clothes everywhere before finding an outfit.

After that, she went into the bathroom to take a quick shower all the while continuing to talk to her cat, knowing full well he went right back to sleep. "They'll go 'free food? Aw sweet okay I'm down' and then we go and then we do all that stuff, and then we'll probably get kicked out but hey we are having fun you know?!" Nina got out the shower and got dressed, made her way to the front door and grabbed her purse and jacket. "You'll see! This must be the most spontaneous and idiotic thing I've ever done.. But.. Screw it! I'm song it!" She declared. Leaving her apartment and locking it up, Nina made her way down the stairs and out into the barren streets.

Her eyes looked around as she walked down the sidewalk, searching for her 'victim' to join her night of debauchery. It took quite a while until spotting a man not far from where she stood. With a loud yell, she called out to him. "YOU!" Once she caught his attention, she crossed the street and walked towards him with a quick pace. "Congratulations! You are the winner for today's night of debauchery. I will be your hostess, Nina. Nice to meet you, let's go," the woman quickly introduced before grabbing his arm and pulling him to the nearest food place she could think of.

Authors Note: M/F + Para to Multi Para please! Rated pg to m depending on the other role player. This is a slice of life, comedy, possible romance role play. I ask that the role player knows their punctuation, grammar and such. I'd say I'm decent with it that you can understand me. If I cannot understand your post, you will be asked to redo your post so that I may understand. If the person refuses, I'll go elsewhere. Sorry that seems bitchy/bossy but I really want a good and fun role play.
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Night of Debauchery
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