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 Drowning (Poem I made when I was going through a hard time)

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PostSubject: Drowning (Poem I made when I was going through a hard time)   Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:06 pm

Drowning in a river of tears
Trying to escape my fears
It feels like my soul is dying
All because I'm even trying
My heart feels like broken glass
Shattered hard and way too fast
I simply feel like giving up
I feel like I've had enough
There is no light at the end
I broke before I had time to bend
My body nothing more than an empty shell
My soul put through eternal hell
I tried to find the strength to move on
But it seemed to have gone
I have to say that this is the end
For me it seems my family and friends
Falling through an empty sea
No one around to save me
I barely have enough time
To utter the seven letter word "goodbye"
I'm nothing like I used to be
Never again will I be free
Forever chained to a broken heart
One with a thousand little scars
As the lines keep getting thinner
I walk through an endless winter
My vision blurs until I'm blind
Now what I seek I can never find
I thought I could continue if I was brave
But now I am unable to be saved
It's obvious now that anyone can see
The final blow has been dealt to me
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Drowning (Poem I made when I was going through a hard time)
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