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 Eternal Darkness (open) (preferred ocs)

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PostSubject: Eternal Darkness (open) (preferred ocs)   Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:27 pm

Somewhere in the world is a place known only to those who know of its existence as the Eternal Darkness. Mainly because those who have ever gone in have never come out.

Rumors have spread about the dark secrets haunting the area. Some say a monster lives within. Some say the darkness itself is the monster. Others say it drives you to the point of insanity, so much so that you lose your way.

Whatever the case, many have tried to enter to dive deeper into its secrets, yet not a single one has ever come out...


Or even human.

Samantha always wondered what was inside, but whenever she talked about it, everybody thought she was crazy. For years she tried to gather as much information as she could, but now, at the age of thirty, she was stuck. The only way for her to progress through her studies...

Is to enter the Eternal Darkness.

Packing her backpack full of snacks, a flashlight, medical supplies, and various other things she thought she would need, Samantha, despite the warnings of her friends, entered the darkness, which surrounded her whole, so much that she couldn't see anyone behind her. As she walked, she simply chuckled, and started to sing her favorite song. I don't see what's so scary about- she stopped in half thought, as the sound of footsteps could be heard nearby. Fearfully waving her flashlight to see what was causing the noise, she looked everywhere, but to her dismay there was nothing. Once she stopped searching, the footsteps stopped.

Little did she know was that she was indeed being followed.
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Eternal Darkness (open) (preferred ocs)
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