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 The Scarlet Warrior (open)

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PostSubject: Re: The Scarlet Warrior (open)   Wed Aug 03, 2016 10:41 pm

how do you want to play the fight?
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PostSubject: The Scarlet Warrior (open)   Sun Aug 09, 2015 11:45 pm

The man walked into the pub, clothes dripping wet from the storm outside. Everyone had their attention towards him for two reasons: one, he was so mysterious. Nobody knew anything about him, and he always came during bad weather. Some gave him the nickname "stormbringer". Two, he always had a story to tell. Not of what he did, but of a great and powerful warrior he called "The Scarlet Warrior", a knight whose heart was as pure as rainwater, a mind as clear as the blue sky, a body as hard as metal, and a soul as strong as platinum. Tonight was no different, and the man sat in his usual seat, ordered a bottle of whiskey, and let out a loud whistle. "To all who want to hear the next chapter of his story, please gather round." he said. As men and women, and even children too gathered, he settled down, took a quick drink, and began the story of how the Scarlet warrior came to be...

In medieval times, there were eight great kingdoms: pyraqus, stonewind, ironlight, auroraia, thunderpulse, frostblood, shadowhour, and blackrift. Pyraqus was skilled in fire and water usage and invented steam powered everything, Stonewind was proficient in wind power and the use of earth itself, and was the greatest of the eight kingdoms, Ironlight discovered how to make electricity possible, and most weapons and armor come from the nicknamed "Kingdom of steel", Auroraia was a peace loving kingdom, dedicated to unlocking ones true potential, through spirit and physical being. Thunderpulse was a battle loving kingdom, but what most never knew about the country was its ceramics were the best. Frostblood, the kingdom of ice, was a cold a distant land. Outsiders were never welcome, and any who tried are hunted. Or die of the freezing temperatures. Shadowhour, the poorest of the eight, and the headquarters for most bandit gangs, was notorious for robbing from the other seven kingdoms, to the point where they closed off their walls to the outside world. And finally, Blackrift, the country of darkness. Nobody knows what lies withing, but there are rumors that beings of darkness, and those who have left the good behind, reside there.

The Scarlet Warrior, before he was known as that, was a young man named Siegfried Beaumont. All his life he wanted to be a knight for the great king victor archard. Once a year however, there was to be held a tournament to draft potential new knights. And this year, Siegfried was old enough to enter. A total of eight men were chosen, him being one of them, and only the winner would become the next knight. Siegfried, with his armor donned and his sword and shield at the ready, stood at one end of the arena, while his opponent waited at the other. With a countdown from three and a blow from the trumpets, the battle began, and the two knights to be charged at each other with vim and vigor.
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The Scarlet Warrior (open)
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