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 Alien rp?or is any up with rp ;-;

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PostSubject: Alien rp?or is any up with rp ;-;   Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:21 pm

Hi so am wondering if there is any one that would love to do either a alien rp or any rp in jenral QvQ I lost a few of my rp pales and now am here alone !!

My alien idea is about your chara is a scienctist from his own planet sadly he left his world because his queen of his planet wanted warriers to defends for his this world there are two female queens , and your chara was born from one of them and by choose he has to mate with the queen to have more offspring seeing there two queens are the only females on his planet he didn't like he and ran off. Becoming a space technology center . where he uses his brain to help any near from far planets that might be in trable . in the long run he meets this alone and tryed to help it . yes it because this alone he tryed to help is a gender fluid? Meaning it is what every her lover wants her or he to be. What -it- needs help with is that -it- planet is being attack by space humans and is slowly lossing her home because her please are not fighters but peace lovers. And so she plans on working with him but how is this going to help ?

Or we can do a only neko in the world and every one wants her but the prablem is she was kidnate along time ago and is being sold at a masterslave sale and what luck man would want a adult female cat girl? And once they see this people fight over her to take her home. Not thinking of what might be the out come of having one. And the people you got mad for buying the neko. Once sold other people well try to kill you for her or might take her by force.
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Alien rp?or is any up with rp ;-;
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