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 Tri color Lost Girl (RWBY) (Mature and Canon characters) (Copy)

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PostSubject: Tri color Lost Girl (RWBY) (Mature and Canon characters) (Copy)   Sat May 28, 2016 11:50 am

Remembering that red hooded brat on the airship opening her umbrella. She felt anger behind her calm face. Al she could remember after that was fighting off some grim and she was carried of by the strong force winds. Then all she felt was pain. A pain that awoke her seeing a tree branch had impaled her. As the blood from the branch dripped down on her face she blackout again. Waking again in a strange place. It wasn't a clinic or even a hospital like someones home. Looking around spying her clothing in the closet to her right including her weapon. Who ever saved her she knew she would have to kill them. It didn't feel right, never does. She leaned to her side feeling a sharp pain, clearly her wound didn't much. She pushed herself, but the wound opened up again. Grabbing her umbrella she hit the wall hard. He blood was seeping bad. Who ever live here needed to saw her back up again.

(Unusable characters: Pyrrha Nikos )
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Tri color Lost Girl (RWBY) (Mature and Canon characters) (Copy)
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