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 Darkness and Light [Fairy Tail rp / Set after the seven year gap / Open to anyone/ Really need a Laxus]

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PostSubject: Darkness and Light [Fairy Tail rp / Set after the seven year gap / Open to anyone/ Really need a Laxus]    Thu Jun 02, 2016 6:54 pm


Tania kept the book she had tucked in her arm, her hood hiding her face as she flit from tree to tree. The only sign of her passing was tiny black dots on the trunk of the tree, and one had to have very good eyesight to spot them. For once she was grateful for her curse: as it allowed her to blend seamlessly with the darkness around her. Where she had once been an outgoing child, ever eager to play in the sunshine, darkness was now her playground. Sheltered most her life, when she discovered her magic talent, she left her hometown and went on a journey. Taking a boat out one day, she came upon an island that seemed to call to her.

Getting onto the island, she was there for some time. While she was there, she came across a young man who, while seemingly indifferent to her presence, did things that allowed her to learn magic she hadn't ever dreamed off. The day she decided to leave the island, to return home and tell her parents of the things she saw and learned, Fairy Tail appeared on the island, to do their S-Class competition. She watched the goings on, learning each person's name and magic type by observation, when the dark dragon, Acnologia appeared and attacked the island.

Knocked unconscious in the attack, she woke up and looked around, but saw no sign of anyone, now any sign of the damage from the attack. Going to the beach, she tried to leave, but it was then that she realized that nothing on the island was moving. There was no breeze, nor any noise. Reaching a barrier, she resigned herself to her fate, and went on living on the island.

Seven years later, while walking on the beach, she suddenly heard a bird, and realized that whatever spell had been put on the island, had broken. Leaving the island, she returned to the Fiore mainland, and went home, only to find out that seven years had indeed passed. Catching sight of herself in a mirror, she realized that she didn't look any older, nor did she feel any older. Hearing the fate that had befell Fairy Tail in the missing years, she hesitated for several months before deciding to go to Magnolia, and join the guild. From what she witnessed on that island, those people were very powerful.

- - - - -

Dropping down from the tree, she looked out over the town of Magnolia, and then eventually to the guild hall in the distance. Finding an inn to stay in for the night, Tania slept there and then went to the guild hall in the morning. Entering the building, she ignored the stares she caught in the black cloak, and she approachsd the bar. "I need to see the guild master." Her voice was an even, controlled whisper.
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Darkness and Light [Fairy Tail rp / Set after the seven year gap / Open to anyone/ Really need a Laxus]
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