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 The wolf and the huntress

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PostSubject: The wolf and the huntress    Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:39 am

Once in a village where hunting was passes down generation to generation a pregnant huntress was saved by niegbiring  werewolves thus both agreed the the leader of the the hunters would gives his daugter hand in marriage to the alpha son the girl grew as did her beauty  she was a witty young lass too she knew the forest and it's flora and fawna she also knew she was to be wedd on her eighteenth birthday witch was today she was sent to the wherewolfs den as she goes she sees two of them waiting they were to escort her to her destination she walks as the males fallow

Soon melina is taken to the village filled with werewolf as she soon broght to her future husband and leader she smiles watching him train with his father the alpha of the pack
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The wolf and the huntress
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