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 The big bad mix up

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PostSubject: The big bad mix up   Wed Mar 29, 2017 5:52 pm

Humans and werewolf did not get along soon werewolf went into hiding to protect themselves and humans they were fearful because long ago a werewolf killed a human and the clans deside to separate and thus a collage for werewolfs was form but all was to be changed when a human was accadeently enrolled

Hana was beautiful 21 year old she was to attend the howler high with it's Mascot as a werewolf she soon finds her class and takes her seat then gets her text book out she didn't notice that some of the students had transform into huge where wolf she just sits there looking over her class schedule her eyes a dark brown her chocolate hair in a ponytail she makes a list of supplies for next week the she tensed up as some one sniffing her all over she bats them on the nose she then goes to her locker after class she tesned as the male from earlier is sniffing her again"can you please not do that your freaking me out"she says to him politly as she retreat to the quad area to clear her head
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The big bad mix up
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