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 Our World (open)

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PostSubject: Our World (open)   Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:00 pm

The world had changed so much due to wars and famine, the rich became richer and the poor just became poorer. But that was just the way of the world. The rich and the poor now had a much more defined line, one that could be seen and was patrolled by soldiers who did not care how they treated the poor. The soldiers in questions were born rich and mostly were made up of men as the rich daughters normally just married rich and spent their days and nights in lavish comfort. The poor on the other hand barely made enough to eat, only those poor who lived extremely close to the line between the rich and the poor could be employed by the rich to clean their homes, their streets and work in their stores. But further into the grottos was a group of rebels gathering, they wanted to break down the line between the rich and the poor and make the poor less poor.

Mari had been born rich, became a solider when she was fifteen and stayed true to the rich until she patrolled further into the grottos and saw how the poor were really living and how the other soldiers were treating them. After that at twenty-five she broke away from the other soldiers and went into the grottos searching for a group of rebels she had heard whispers about, she knew that leaving the way she did would label her as a traitor but she didn't care. Mari's leaving had been three years ago and now she was leading the rebel cause after the Jakob the first leader was killed when they had been out scavenging one day. To show she now lead the rebels a tattoo of a snake was entwined around her left arm. Even though the rebels had become her family and they helped get food and supplies to the poor she missed being rich sometimes, she had been betrothed to marry a wonderful man who was also a solider and she had been in love with him but Mari hadn't seen him in three years.

But she had no time to think of such things, shaking her head a little Mari brought herself back to the present time where she was currently curled up inside the boot of a rusted out car waiting for a bunch of soldiers to move on. She didn't know how long she had been in the boot but she did know her legs had been cramping and were now asleep, her left arm was asleep as well and she couldn't feel her fingers even as she tried to wiggle them. "We should move on" came a man's voice from outside making Mari sigh a little in happiness "No riffraff out here tonight apparently" came another voice that she recognised. It was the voice of the man she had been set to marry "You go on I'll just stay here for a bit longer" said her once would be fiancé. Listening carefully Mari moved a little in the boot of the car as the rest of the men walked away, "Of course one of you has to stay behind" Mari grumbled out loud not realising that she spoke loud enough for someone to just hear her mumbling inside the boot, rolling her eyes Mari adjusted her right arm a little which was holding tight into a gun as she resided herself to spending all night in the damned rusted boot.
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Our World (open)
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