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 In Foreign Lands(open m/m)

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PostSubject: In Foreign Lands(open m/m)   Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:40 pm

April hated travelling but that sadly was apart of her rank as Beta, her Alpha wanted her to go to Russia to make a connection with the strongest pack there was in Moscow. "Oh we need someone to go to Russia. April you're perfect for it" she mumbled to herself angrily "I fucking hate the cold" April grumbled as she climbed out of the cab she had taken to the pack house. Even though she was wearing a thick coat she could still feel the coal seeping into her bones and it was not a comfortable feeling, grabbing her backs she walked up to the house and knocked on the door. As soon as it opened she smiled at the woman "I'm here to see the Alpha King" April said lightly and waited a moment before the woman moved aside. Stepping into the warm house she walked after the woman and was lead to a set of grand double doors, the woman pushed them open and walked over to a man sitting behind a large desk and whispered to him as April stepped into the room. "Introduce yourself" the Russian woman said as she looked at April. "I'm April, Beta to the Alpha Marcus who controls New York" April stated formally as she put her bags down beside her feet.
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In Foreign Lands(open m/m)
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