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 Kaikki Valo On Hiipumassa [Private RP for Proffessor_Doctor]

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PostSubject: Re: Kaikki Valo On Hiipumassa [Private RP for Proffessor_Doctor]   Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:19 pm

An instant. Not even a second. That's all the time it took for everything to go to hell. The young man hadn't known this would happen, nobody did. The gunfire, the explosions, the screaming, that terrible screaming… They should've been safe, the boy thought. We should've been safe.

Him and his family, Jesse, his mother, his father and his baby sister all ran away from the guns, away from the explosions. But it was to no avail as the explosions caught up with them, hitting a nearby home, the blast's scorching heat sending them away, rolling in the dirt as he could feel the bruises forming from the impact and the ringing filling his ears.

He looked up and spat out dirt and nothing else. He looked up to his family sprawled on the ground next to him. He tried to stand up, but it made the world spin in his vision, causing him to fall forward. He tried again, and attempted to better balance himself, as he crawled to his mother, calling out to her as her head looked up at him and he was still unable to hear properly. The young man placed his hands on her and shook her, her eyes unblinking and void.

Jesse lost himself as he desperately called out to the woman, shaking her more and more as the ringing started to die down, barely able to hear the distant sounding booms and popping. He didn't stop until he felt a hand on his shoulder, pulling him away from the body as he heard a muffled: "Jesse! Come on!" He looked up at his father and looked behind him to see his sister, only eight years old, staring blankly at him, yet not seeming to see him. The realization hit him, causing him to crawl forward to her and put his hands on her shoulders. "No, look away," he said, trying to turn her body. He knew it was too late, that she had already seen what had become of their mother.

He picked the girl up in his arms as he carefully stood up, and carried her, her head still looking at the sight behind him. "Come on," his father said. He guided them through the soot in the air and into another building. "We're gonna go through the buildings." The father went on ahead without receiving a signal that Jesse had understood. He had no choice but to follow the man, hearing the pops of gunfire all around. As they went from home to home, he noticed that he had to shield the eyes of his sister from some interiors, whereas others had no trace of blood anywhere. He had hoped that this meant that whoever lived there gotten away safely.

It wasn't until he he heard a gunshot that he had realized they'd been seen. The blood soaked through his father's left sleeve and down his arm as he groaned and grasped the wound with his other hand. He could hear shouting now. He couldn't exactly understand what it meant, but he didn't want to stick around to find out, and neither did his father as he simply told him to run, the man himself starting to sprint through the homes. Jesse followed suit, his sister in his arms and the sound of the gunfire just behind them. He could see the bullets hit the walls by the specks that flew off from the impacts. One grazed his ear, sending pain and a warm trickling sensation down the right side of his head and neck.

His stop was sudden, the young man forcing himself to stop running to not trip as he saw his father fall in front of him, a dark splotch coating the back of his pant leg now. Jesse cursed as he went to the side to put down his sister gently, not seeing the man already in the house. He then ran to his father who was telling him to go and leave him behind. Those pleas were ignored by the boy. He looped his arms under those of his father, ducking just in time to hear another bullet go whistling past where his head previously was. He pulled his father from the doorway, not taking into account, and not caring of how heavy his father weighed.

He groaned as his father was temporarily pulled out of harms way. He looked around and back at his sister to see that she was staring at a man. He could feel his heart stop for a second before he realized that this man wasn't of the opposite side, and instead, interest gripped him as he saw the gun that the man had on him. He didn't have to die here, he didn't have to leave his father behind, he didn't have to run. There was one thought that took over as he stared.

"I can fight," he said. "Give me the gun."
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PostSubject: Kaikki Valo On Hiipumassa [Private RP for Proffessor_Doctor]   Tue May 16, 2017 10:09 am

Inhale.The fatal explosions never once did fail to send a deafening pulse through the soldiers ears.
The battlefield was a deathly arena with gun-fire and the smell of rotting corpses left with a war-cry face on them. The smoke obscured the enemy trenches in the distance, a strange aggressive language spouted out, but became quiet as they were granted an eternal rest.
All members of the platoon had smiles trailed across their lips, however, their grins abandoned them as a company of the enemy emerged from the far mist.
The cackle of the machine-gun in the pill box burst into life.
Bullets whistling by, hitting men and dirt alike, covering the sludgy ground in a red liquid.
Thus hadn't been what a certain soldier had enlisted for. To be tossed into a world of crimson seas, lifeless pawns and sounds of chaos and agony— a description of Hell, as his late grandfather had once said.
The distant sound of yet another explosion had the grip the Fin had on his gun to tighten and his body to stiffen. He pressed his back against the wall of the abandoned home he had saught refuge in, hiding like the coward he was as the enemy pilaged the village many once felt secure in and rip the lives of soldiers he once called friends.
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Kaikki Valo On Hiipumassa [Private RP for Proffessor_Doctor]
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