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  The Joker's Wicked Heart { Opened Of Need The Joker DC Rp}

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PostSubject: The Joker's Wicked Heart { Opened Of Need The Joker DC Rp}   Mon May 29, 2017 2:39 pm

{ ;p If you want rp Joker just jump in I thought to myself Surprised The Joker is describe brutally and all kinds of stuff. I think it would be nice to do love story between Bonnie the one character I made up for this story and The Joker. We start off when she spends her first day working in cafe with her friend, her friend Maria leaves an hour early from there to go on date. So she in charge of closing and everything normal calm until this man { Joker} comes along when in middle closing counting money they earn and came there steal the money. Bonnie ends up scare and horrified of him and we'll do whatever happens next. XD }

Every night Gotham it was pretty scary, Bonnie was new the place only reason she came from Chicago to Gotham is to live with her friend Maria who was beginning to open up cafe suggested the work together. They young and only 22 born on same birthday and their parents knew each other very well friends grew up together. Bonnie and Maria wanted start a new life in mysterious city known as Gotham.

Maria said," we close by 5 pm and only open during bright daylight because during night is when the crazy stuff happen." Bonnie scratched back of her head and asked," how crazy are we talking here?" She laughed nervous and punched Bonnie on shoulder playfully," well.. Let's just say this city is extremely dangerous mostly at night than day." Bonnie quiet didn't get it but felt she'll find out soon enough they both gotten in uniform for cafe. Maria suggested wear dress dressed short sleeve button up dresses with apron and dress shirt underneath. It wear dress shoes since Maria did love being classy and was so modest as Bonnie mostly worn dark clothes only reason she was agreeing with the dress code thing going on is because the color was red.

Bonnie was getting tables situated because the cafe was going open soon within an hour, she stop and got caught up on news report about what happened last night. The news reported spoken sincerely," today on Gotham TBS News, last night another attack by man who we all know as The Joker, successfully stolen the treasure jewel in museum located North Ridge Park Street in Gotham city. As two security guards were found bru-.." The news channel was cut off when Maria turn into cartoons and Bonnie asked," what was that about? Who this Joker?" She looked away and sounded overwhelmed when she replied," you don't want to know, he's one crazy son of bitch who could kill someone without hesitation and last night those security guards were found in way you don't even want to imagine."

Everything was normal, new cafe within day popular with their few and the girls spend hours pleasing costumers everyone loved Maria cooking. They made lot for first time cafe owners. Maria asked," hey, I am going date with my boyfriend Henry. Do you mind closing the cafe?" She shrugged her shoulders," sure, why not.. Not bad for a first day,huh?" She chuckled," yeah, I am surprise about the attraction of this place within one simple day. Whelp, going get going and the keys are in staff lounge." Bonnie nodded and said," alright, take care and try come home sober in one piece." She rolled her eyes because Bonnie sounded like mother than best friend right now," haha.. Very funny Bon Bon mama bear. See ya!"

Now being left alone in cafe that was awfully quiet once the last costumer left she was all alone settling closing up the place. What could possibly go wrong right? Bonnie and her best friend did good today, she end up counting how much they earn working today but then the whole lights went out. Bonnie freak out and stuttered," hello.. Who's there?" She could feel her heart trembling it was like living horror movie, someone wouldn't be able cut off the lights in less they were inside tampering with switches in storage room that had back door in the alley.
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The Joker's Wicked Heart { Opened Of Need The Joker DC Rp}
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