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 Vampires Bride//open

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PostSubject: Vampires Bride//open   Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:50 pm

Claire had been raised her whole life knowing that she was going to marry a Vampire King as soon as she was eighteen, as such she had taught royal etiquette and that she would need to be a willing blood donor for her new husband. That was how she now found herself standing in an imposing mansion in a beautiful wedding dress waiting for her queue to start walking into the ballroom to meet her husband, Claire had never met the Vampire King before as her parents and him had deemed that they didn't need to meet whilst she was growing up. But she knew that her parents would send him pictures and letters of her on her birthdays. Glancing up from the simple white rose bouquet she held Claire looked at the well dress butler beside the door for a moment as he pulled open the doors and stepped aside giving her room to walk.

There was nothing she could do now, there was no turning away and leaving since she didn't know a thing about the outside world as her parents  had put emphasis on keeping her home so she couldn't talk with other children who were normal. Taking a deep breath Claire straightened her back and started walking confidently down the pathway that had been made in the ballroom towards the tall well built man that she guessed was going to be her husband. Reaching his side Claire didn't dare cast a glance towards him instead she looked down at the ground wanting to look respectful as possible, she didn't want to upset a Vampire King at all.

Once all their vows were said, the rings exchanged and the first kiss shared Claire was taken away from her new husband and lead to his quarters. As soon as she stepped into the room she noted a simple white nightie sitting on the edge of the bed and she walked over to it, scooping it up into her hands Claire looked at it before she carefully placed it back down and shimmied her way out of her wedding dress and pulled on the nightie. She had been told by the woman who had taken her to her new husbands rooms that he was seeing off the guests and that there was to be no reception. Gathering up her dress she looked around, spotting an arm chair she wandered over to it and draped it over the back of it, Claire made her way back over to the bed and sat down just as the door opened and the Vampire King stepped in. Quickly getting back to her feet she bowed a little to him "My Lord" Claire said softly.
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Vampires Bride//open
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