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 My Vicious Alpha//open

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PostSubject: My Vicious Alpha//open   Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:12 pm

Ellie had been promised to an Alpha when she was a child, she had met him quite a few times in her life and she adored spending time with him because of how protective of her he was. On her nineteenth birthday Ellie had been set to move into his pack house with him and become his mate officially, but on her way there a rival pack attempted to kidnapped her. Ellie tended to get feral when things annoyed her or made her adrenaline pump, because of this she attacked the three men who had tried to grab her. She gouged one of the guys faces her nails ripping into their skin deeply making him fall to her knees. Another rushed her and Ellie grabbed him taking him down onto the ground and she bit his throat hard ripping out a chunk with her teeth covering herself in his blood and the third ran off scared of her. Getting to her feet Ellie grabbed her bag she had dropped and continued to walk towards the pack house, reaching it Ellie knocked on the door ignoring the fact that the sweet little white dress she had been wearing was now covered in blood as well as her face. She didn't care what she looked like she just wanted to get inside and relax with her mate.
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My Vicious Alpha//open
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