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 Enforcer (open)

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PostSubject: Enforcer (open)   Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:17 pm

It had been about ten years since the supernatural world finally reared it's head to the rest of it. Right along the end of the great war, they started making it easier to find them around the planet, a good chunk of them fighting on the Allied side. It was quite the amazing sight to watch a vamp get pelted by a few hundred rifle shells and still tear apart an enemy bunker or the odd mage casting a ward to prevent fewer casualties on their side, didn't help out much when a mortar shell broke through a rookie's barrier and still blew a crater in the earth where the poor kid was trying to protect his squad.

After The Great War, the supernatural started coming back to their homes and making accords to try their damnedest to keep another war like that from happening. Eventually, they fully integrated with the human world and became as much of a daily occurrence as it was in the old days, only no one was actively killing each other for a meal or to take their lands, at least for the most part. On occasion, there would be the odd vamp or orc that thought he or she was better than everyone else and didn't have to follow the rules. When that started up again they signed up a special group of the unnatural that would deal with these pieces of filth. They were called Enforcers; law enforcing vamps, werewolves, mages or other hardened beasts that would deal with anything that the regulars couldn't even think of beating. The only real downside was that there wasn't a massive budget for them so they were paid when they were called on. Most of them took side jobs to help pay the bills, some do honest work others went into the moonshine business. They were more or less allowed it because no one wants to piss off the guy that could incinerate or shred a platoon of soldiers without so much as taking a hit.

Which is where I come in. Name's Sam Westwood. I'm one of the Enforcers that take a more or less honest job. Call it making up for the last millennia of being a total ass. As for what I am, don't bother asking. I won't say anything about it, call it my secret identity seeing as Sam Westwood isn't even my real name. I run an odd job sort of business. Want me to watch someone? No problem. Hostage rescue? Been there, done that. Want me to be your bullet sponge in a ransom agreement? Not my first rodeo.

My door's always unlocked unless I'm doing enforcer work, which I'm usually not doing. The office is in that little run down spot of town in a brick and mortar building, my place is in the far corner. Look for the fogged glass window that says,

Sam Westwood
Odd jobs and what you don't want the cops involved in.

See you there.

(In short, this is an alternate 1920s-30s Chicago where the supernatural are real and a daily part of everyday life. Leaving it fairly open for whatever anyone wants to do. New partner, customer, old friend paying a visit. I'm sure I can make it work from there.

May get mature depending on the RP partner)
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Enforcer (open)
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