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 So my drunk brain thought of something

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PostSubject: So my drunk brain thought of something   Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:03 pm

Yeah, I get weird thoughts for topics when I get drunk.

This one is an Inuyasha(ish) type of deal. Demons, spiritual stuff, maybe do something relevant with the jewel (don't really care all that much on that part, but whatever). Though the character I was thinking of is a "The Witcher" kind of monster, a gold dragon. A dragon that has the capacity to shapeshift between a human shape and the dragon shape (Maybe more, the book barely touched on it before it was lost to the winds). Perhaps in his effort to avoid Witchers he makes his way across the continents until he arrives in Japan. Maybe stumble on the whole Jewel mess.

Or maybe another idea going with the shape-shifting dragon route is that he's seeking rarer things for his horde and heard about a one of a kind jewel made from souls.

Again, I'm drunk. So maybe this makes more sense to me than anyone else.
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So my drunk brain thought of something
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