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 so will you protect me

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PostSubject: so will you protect me   Sat Jun 24, 2017 12:08 am

sari was the daughter of the empor of japan she was to get a new gaurd today she wiats with her father for his arrival her ivory hair in a bun she wore a Purple fine silk dress and a hed dress her father smiles to her his plan was to disgues her futre husband as a gaurd and let her get to know the man she to marry first"my child why so nervous it is only a gaurd" she looks away"i know but i do not like it when my life is above another" he sighs as he goes talk with her in private"sari i understand but we need to be here for our people and i want to protect you my most pesious tesure"he says hugging her as they go meet the young man
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so will you protect me
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