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 Joining Together[m/m open]

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PostSubject: Joining Together[m/m open]   Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:28 pm

Rina was the Alphess of her pack, they had gone through a war with a pack that did not like hers. She had lost some of her members and the rest were injured but she had managed to get in touch with the Alpha of an ally pack asking if she and her pack could join with theirs so they could rest and get back on their feet. Rina and her pack had been walking for three days when they finally got to the ally pack house, she was covered in blood and dirt, whereas her pack member had taken the time to clean themselves up whenever they stopped but Rina didn't want to risk being away from her pack for any length of time, standing in front of the door she knocked and waited for it to open. When it did a tall very stern man answered and eyed Rina angrily "I'm Rina, Alphess of the Indigo pack, your Alpha is expecting us" she said casually.

The man kept the door open and stepped away moving further into the house and looked for his Alpha, finding him the man bowed "Sir, the pack you've been expecting has finally arrived and they look to be in rather bad shape. Or at least, their Alphaess looks as if she could do with some tending to" he said waiting for his Alpha to give him the go ahead to let them in and get their own pack members to help these ones get settled in the house somewhere.
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Joining Together[m/m open]
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