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 Gone longer then I planed

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Devil Posters
Devil Posters

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PostSubject: Gone longer then I planed    Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:19 pm

Let me get straight to the point.
Am going to be gone for a long time, might come back or might not either one is fine. To be honest I've stayed here longer then I planned is because of tai, and dragon.. you know who you are.

Any way, am no longer going to be here as often now that technology has improved and I've been reaching out to different branches of  social media I no longer need to be on here as much. That and my muses for role playing has just vanished... and I've been thinking on my own ideas.. there are others here that I know that enjoy how I role play and even miss my story's . I mean tai and infinite thought me a lot about the rp rules and so on. I'm great full for the many things you have teached me .


Now, if you wish to reach me, am on Tumblr my user name is a-sleepying-flowers  thank u for your kind words and more !

Farewell and good bye I'll see you down the road~
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Gone longer then I planed
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