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 Midwinter Sacrifice [m/m open]

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PostSubject: Midwinter Sacrifice [m/m open]   Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:34 am

Beth grew up in a small village that believed that there was a man who lived up in the mountains who took on the form of a wolf to protect their village, the elders in the village had for some reason decided that because this beast seemed to be protecting them that they needed to starting sacrificing people to him. As such they began to give this beast a sacrifice of a young woman every single year, even though it was believed that there was only one wolfman who was protecting the village, many people who had gone into the mountains claimed that they had seen multiple wolfmen and maybe women living up there.

It was a midwinter night when her father came home from a council meeting looking forlorn and Beth knew what that meant. Her name had been drawn from the list of women in the village. It scared her as some of the women who were sacrificed were taken and others were killed in the spot they were left, her mother made her dress in a simple white nightgown and braided her hair so it would sit away from her face. "Please don't do this" Beth begged to her parents as they lead her outside the cold was nipping at her exposed skin as they lead her into the village centre "This needs to be done Beth" her father said simply as one of the elders came up and tied her hands in front of her. They had had previous girls run for their lives and so they had started bounding their wrists. Soon the elders began to lead the way to the area on the mountain she was to be left and her parents stayed in the village to mourn the loss of their only child, when they reached the area Beth was to be left the elders pulled her hands above her head and tied her to a tree "Thank you child" one of the older women said before the group that had brought her up to her death turned and left.

As she stood there tied to the tree Beth began to shake from the cold and from fear, every sound and snap of a twigs scared her and made her want to cry. As the night carried on snow began to fall steadily sending Beth's teeth chattering, even though she wanted to stay awake to see this alleged beast coming to accept her as a sacrifice she couldn't keep her eyes open and soon they closed and her body became slack as she fell asleep from exhaustion. When she next woke it was still night and everything around her was deathly silent apart from the chattering of her teeth, little did she knew that she was starting to turn blue from the cold and snowflakes were caught in her hair and eyelashes. Suddenly hearing the crunching of snow Beth moved her head as much as she could but it took effort for her to complete the simple movement and she saw a light coming towards her, thinking it was one of the villagers coming back to where they left her Beth took a breath and tried to focus on getting words out. Before she could form words a few meek squeaks left her before she choked out, "Help. Please".
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Midwinter Sacrifice [m/m open]
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