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 The moon child (for OmuYasha)

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PostSubject: The moon child (for OmuYasha)   Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:09 am

Dakota Anne was born on the first full moon of the year it so happens she was hybrid thrall her mother was her mentor her father Left when he found out his wife was a werewolf her mother midna was sweet and kind she loved her daughter more than anything but she had to take the roll of provider she couldn't go back to being a waitress the knew what she was she decided to see if the wolf pack could help in anyway she did if not for her sake then she did so for Dakota her pride and joy but sadly the mother wouldn't be able to see her daughter grow for when Dakota turned five she transformed Dakota was in a frenzy that she unknowingly took the life of her mother the poor girl grew in a fine she wolf but had closed her self off from the pack she was also secluded from human too
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The moon child (for OmuYasha)
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