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 Where Have The Good Days Gone (Private. Possible Maturity)

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PostSubject: Re: Where Have The Good Days Gone (Private. Possible Maturity)   Fri May 18, 2018 5:14 pm

Morrigan let out a low sigh as she lowered the slim white cigarette she had been smoking, tapping off the cherry as the old man sat down. She had watched him from the window, and she knew that there already had to be several different people that had their eyes on him, and even followed him. Looking at the suitcase when he spoke, she glanced up at him with her smokey eyed gaze, her hands folding neatly on her lap as she sat back. "Stones of Solomon." She said in a low voice, a hint of some kind of European accent tinging her words. "That is a very powerful artifact you carry, sir. It is obvious, and has been so since you first walked into my office, that you haven't been entirely truthful with me." She shifted in her seat, leaning forward and laying her forearms against the table, her gaze sharpening. "Now please. Tell me the whole story. I cannot be blind in any aspect. That could spell disaster for the both of us."
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PostSubject: Where Have The Good Days Gone (Private. Possible Maturity)   Fri May 11, 2018 12:00 am

It was just another beautiful day in San Fransisco. Sun was shining, the general hustle and bustle pushed its way through the busy streets, the orcs decided not to start a fight with everything within eyesight. It was definitely going to be a good day if the first few hours of daylight were this calm and relaxing. A skinny looking older man must not have gotten that hint when he continuously twisted his head to watch his own back and everything around him. It was like he was expecting something to reach out from one of the shadows decorating the street from every single object the sunlight cast down from. With what was in the briefcase, it was very much likely that something would reach out and tear his throat out from out of nowhere.

The old man walked several blocks, passed by an assortment of humans, elves, and beasties that wandered around in the daylight now that they were all common knowledge. It was especially unnerving when a green-skinned orc decided to tip his hat in greeting with the smile of an underbite turning what should be a friendly gesture into a potentially terrifying threat that only made the man pick up his pace. It was nearly a half hour before he finally came to his destination, a small silver roof diner. The kind that was cheap, unassuming and in a wide public view to prevent the worst from happening. Not completely ideal, but it was the best that could be done in a massive city like San Fransisco.

"Hello, welcome. Table for one?" The orc waitress asked with that terrifying smile.

"No, no. I'm meeting someone. She should be-. Ah, there she is. Pardon me." The gentleman responded before pushing past the mottled green skin and planting himself at a booth at the far end of the diner. Only three other beings were in the diner with him, the young woman he was going to contract for this job, the orc waitress that greeted  the fourth individual that walked in, and the elf cook that started talking to the newcomer like he was expecting this newcomer to say the same thing that he always did. From there the old man scurried to the table and took his seat

"Humblest apologies miss. I must have lost track of time while I was coming here." He fell quiet when the newcomer, a middle-aged fellow with dressy brown pants held up by a set of suspenders and an off-white shirt, passed by and took his seat in the booth behind them. Once the other male was seated and hopefully preoccupied with his hot cup of coffee, "I've brought them. Just as promised." He started before taking the effort to lift and accidentally slam the suitcase on the table, "The Stones of Solomon." With those four words, the man behind them sputtered and coughed like he started choking on his coffee.

(Hopefully, things go well enough. Going to start off getting the job started up and when that's finished I'll have the character formally introduced.)
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Where Have The Good Days Gone (Private. Possible Maturity)
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