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 The Dragons Possession[m/m]

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PostSubject: The Dragons Possession[m/m]   Thu Jun 21, 2018 7:57 pm

Working a high stress job as a PA for a lawyer made Angel's life interesting and also hard, it meant she always had to be available for her boss but also take time to care for herself. Running a hand through her hair Angel chewed on her bottom lip as she waited for the taxi she had called to come and get her to take her home. She had taken time off of work to visit her old hometown so she could take a break from living and breathing her work, she knew this was something she needed but it was also something she dreaded as Angel knew she was going to see a lot of old familiar faces from when she had lived in the town and gone to school there.

Angel hadn't been in her old hometown since she had graduated high school and moved away for collage, while she was doing that she had left behind her boyfriend. The two of them agreed they should both split up since she was moving away and he was staying in their hometown to take over his fathers business as the towns main mechanic; little did Angel know that there was another reason why he was staying in their hometown a secret that he and his family were keeping from everyone around them, looking out the window of the taxi she was in Angel sighed to herself as she looked at the white picket fences and she manicured lawns. It was a strange change for her since she had gotten use to being in the concrete jungle of the big city, when the taxi pulled up to her parents house Angel paid the driver and got out pulling her bag out with her. Walking up to the familiar house Angel couldn't help but think of all of the times she had done this walk when she was growing up, reaching the front door she pulled out her keys and unlocked the door. Walking inside Angel closed the door behind herself "Ma? Dad? I'm home" Angel called out as she walked for her old room. Opening the door she raised a brow noticing that it had been changed into a guest room since her last visit, throwing her bag onto the bed Angel walked down the hall for the kitchen walking in Angel stopped seeing a man laying on the kitchen floor his head under the sink. Walking up to the counter Angel stood over the man and looked down the hole in the new sink at the man below "Seen my folks?" she asked the man on the ground, even though she could only see a small portion of his face from this angle he looked ruggedly handsome and in a way reminded her of her high school sweetheart who she had left behind.

But Angel highly doubted that this man was him, the last she had heard was that he was dating a girl who used to be very popular in their school and he was the owner of a large business. But she knew that he still lived in town, even though she wanted to tell herself that this man wasn't the guy she had once loved with all of her heart Angel allowed herself the believe for a moment it was him.
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The Dragons Possession[m/m]
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