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 Dark Winter (open)

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PostSubject: Dark Winter (open)   Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:29 pm

Ashani was used to being alone, sure, people would come to her home now and again for healing and what magic she could gift them but otherwise she was alone in the wilderness. The peacefulness of the world around enveloping her keeping her away from the settlements down the hills and valleys. She had been raised an isolation and in isolation Ashani believed she would stay. She was a Shaman for a local village but she only went down there once a month to get some supplies she needed and to tend to things there. It on one of these days that Ashani was coming back from the village, the snow had started to fall during her visit and she knew she had to get back home. As she walked through the trees her cloak pulled over her with her hood down over her head, Ashani shifted the weight of the sack she was carrying a few of the items inside clinking together as she did. Trudging through the undergrowth she stopped in her tracks with a frown seeing a shape laying in an opening several meters from her home, approaching it she took note that it was a man, one wearing clothes she didn't recognize, he seemed to be wearing armor of some kind but she was never one to deny someone assistance.

Sighing to herself Ashani trudged on to her home and dropped her sack off she headed back to where the man was, looking at him for a moment she crouched down to grasp him. Using all of her strength she managed to roll the man onto his back, moving to his head she managed to get her arms under his arms and hoist him up enough for him to rest against her body as she dragged him backwards to her home. Reaching her house she was out of breath and struggling to get the man through the door but as soon as she did Ashani tumbled over and landed under the man his head resting on her stomach as she panted, staying there for a moment before she got out from under him Ashani pulled the door closed and set about starting a fire to heat the small house up. Pulling off her cloak she draped over the man before she put a pot over the fire with water and started tossing ingredients into the pot to start a stew with some of the food she had gotten from the village.

As the sky darkened and the snow fell more Ashani scooped some of the beef stew she had made into a bowl, hearing movement behind ehr she looked at the man who seemed to be waking up where she had left him on the floor. "Go slow, I don't know how sore you are" Ashani said softly as she sat with her back to the fire as she scooped the stew out of the bowl with a hand carved spoon. She knew as soon as he could get a good look at her, her piercings and her tattoos he would know her as a Shaman for a village.
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Dark Winter (open)
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