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 The King & Queen (open m/m)

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PostSubject: The King & Queen (open m/m)   Sat Nov 03, 2018 2:15 am

Callie loved waking up with the sun shining through the windows of her little cabin in the woods, the soft call of the birds slowly growing as they themselves woke up. Her days were spent gather food from her small garden and tending to it, this was peace for her away from the city and the palace. She had once sat upon the throne in the palace, a Queen, someone well above everyone else. That was until she faked her own death at the tender age of nineteen, she had done that so she could be smuggled out of the palace as she couldn't handle the pressures of ruling. In the will she had put in place before her plan Callie had declared that a neighboring King would take control of their city and rule them, from the merchants that passed by her cabin now and again Callie had learnt that the King was taking it all well and was a fair ruler.

Late in the afternoon Callie was in her small garden tending to her crops as she heard the sound of approaching hooves, but she paid this no mind and continued to stay on her knees pulling out weeds and tossing them to the side before she pulled up the vegetables and put them into a basket she had woven herself. At the sound of the horses coming to a stop close by Callie moved her head a little and looked at the men on horses making sure to keep her hair in the way to block her face, the insignia on their saddles informed her that they were apart of the royal guard "I am not selling anything gentlemen" Callie called out. Getting to her feet she scooped up her basket and started for her cabin door "If you wish to find someone out here who might be selling things I would continue on North, there is a small settlement out there. They often trade goods" Callie called over her shoulder.

Hearing movement telling her that the men had dismounted Callie sighed a little but her steps did not stop, reaching the door she went to push it open when a gloved hand grabbed the door handle before she could and held the door closed. "Please remove your hand from my door sir, I wish ti enter my house" Callie stated almost boredly as she continued to stare at the door not wanting to look at these men incase they recognized her, "Lady, our King wishes for your assistance it is said that you worked in the palace, he wishes to know about the previous Queen" the man holding her door handle said making Callie sigh. "I have nothing to say, that was years ago nothing I know of her would interest him" She stated "Now move your hand" Callie added firmly making the man move his hand, opening the door Callie stepped on inside and didn't close the door. Putting her basket down on the kitchen counter Callie made an almost annoyed noise when she heard boots walking on her floor. "Sir, I told you, I have nothing of interest to say to your King" Callie snapped without looking behind her.
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The King & Queen (open m/m)
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