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 The Great War

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PostSubject: Re: The Great War   Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:31 pm

In these lands many of the insects fight among one another for land which in turn causes battles to uproar. Mantises and other stronger type bugs are the most aggressive creatures in the main lands. Butterflies and other large wing insects are far weaker in comparison. The eyes of the outside don’t dare enter into this land mass. As insects are indeed stronger then humans, demons and other unholy like creatures can destroy a insect with out no issue. The problem comes in when the bug race attacks in swarms, which is one main reason why insect species are feared. In the last 30 years there has been a large war between the moth race and the beetle race. Each one has the same goal, however, nether of them lack the empathy towards one another to find a common ground.

A large drop in the beetle population was the cause of none stop battles, same goes with the moths. The kings of the flying insects send one of their best warriors to join this unending battle. Among the fleet of strong flying moths and other helping insects from other species. Are the hand full of carefully selected warriors to aide the side of the moths to win what is truly theirs.

Before the war began the large fleet from the west being the moths, set up camp and prepare them selfs for the fight of a life time. The many tents was placed in the forest for better protection of the enemy, just Incase they come from the sky’s as an ambush. But among the crowds of different species of bug one stood out the most, which is the most magic skilled warrior within these lands.

Chiss, a Atlas moth, her family are known to be the only species of moth that can weld large swords and wear every type armor. Begging the largest moth then every other race. They have some issues when it comes to breeding with other moths. An atlas moth in this world is about 7’1 compared to a smaller race of moth sizing from 4’11 to 5’10. Moths are mainly known for their great navigation skills and how fast they can learn to use magic. They can learn up from basic support spells to more defensive type spells. However this is where the atlas moths lacks in. because of their bulkley size and mass their body restricts high amounts of magic that they can use. So because of this atlas type moths only have one chance to choice which magic they wish to learn. Either it be to heal oneself and others, or buff your comrades and yourself, or finally debuff your enemy. Those are the only options a atlas moth has when they first start off learning to fight.

As a Atlas moth, her fur colors are mainly warm colors, her antennas are long and resembles very thin feather dusters. Her eyes are large and black, her face is small with soft orange fur all round her head, with no mouth. Instead of a mouth she has a proboscis that flicks out when ever she needs to eat. It acts like a sharp straw, pricing the skin of a animal of fruit and slurping the insides and once done it curls back up in between her eyes as it gets covered up by a layer of skin. With four arms, each one about the same size to one another, and each arm can carry each long sword with no issue. Her two legs are slightly larger than her arms as this is needed to carry her own weight. For a insect of her race, she has a very impressive hourglass figure. For each of her wings, are twice the size of her own body length. This is a problem when it comes to flight because of her large size, her wings has to be large enough to carry her full weight. This is a issue when in the air. Flying high in the air with such large wings, makes this race of moth an easy target for hunters. So as a natural born warrior she refuses to use her wings, unless she is in grave danger. The large wings are folded on her back making them look like a very long detailed cape.

Each race is known to handle magic much easier then some. Chess can use a large amount of mana in a battle, but it matters on how it’s used. If a moth or bug of any race uses magic with out no sorts of cool down will cause drowsiness and worse causes death. But luckily for chess she learned how to use her magic as she was trained to do so.

The female moth walked out from her tent in the middle of the night as her other comrades seem to be asleep. She wanted to have a midnight snack before heading to bed. She loves fruits and other sweets, dispute the fact she already ingested her fatty meal of stake. She walked out from the forest and uses her antennas to find the source of the fruits high up in the frees. Flying isn’t to good of an idea as she’s way to close to the trees.

Her feet stopped as the soothing melody echo through the wind, it was calming to the ears of any creature. The music got louder and louder, this alone got the female insect to quickly turn behind her pulling out her four swords, one for each hand. As she got into battle stance, her view started to alter, making her see blobs of shadows. The next thing she saw was total darkness. Her body felt numb and lifeless, but that was the point as these large male bugs covered in black clothing came over and picked up the unconscious moth to the other side of the land.

Soon after this a magic spell to cast a fire ball activated onto the middle of the camp killing half the army but it also got their attention. The battle began with or with out their best warrior. Things soon got ugly as they captured more talented warriors from the enemy causing the enemy of moths to lose.

The sun high in the clear blue sky, not a single cloud to be seen. It’s a hot sunny day, in the lively city of Dresdosa. All sorts of insects and a few demi-humans live their lives with no problems from the king and his nobles. But today the streets was cleaned out as three heavy armor beetles walked to the gates of the capital, in their arms is a unconscious female moth, with magical chains wrapped around her body. These was to protect the warriors and the kinds son just incause this female warrior wakes up.

“My lord.” They all got on one knee and soon raised up to their feet, to walk along side the next soon to be king of this land. In the back of the castle is a large pillar that goes up to the watch towers. but he wasn’t going up but rather he was going down. As inside the pillar is a hidden trap door, leading to an endless pit of stairs with many floors. Seven floors down the male took the men to a long corridor with iron bars on each side. But at the end of the hall is a full metal door with no bars to show any sort of light. Once open the cold chill ran down the larger warrior beetles and as told they walked inside placing the moth on the cold floor and left the room leaving the female with the son of the king.
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PostSubject: The Great War   Mon Nov 26, 2018 2:06 pm

Dresdosa was a land that until recently had been torn asunder by war for control of the magic ley lines that ran under the lands of the country. Two primary factions the moth demons and beetle demons were at war with one another to take the ley lines. The two factions had been of equal power until the last skirmish when the moths greatest warrior had been captured during a night raid. Now a contingent of their soldiers were returning to their staging grounds with the prisoner in tow.

This had shifted the balance of the power in favor of the beetle line and if something did not change in the near future they would claim control of the ley lines and all of Dresdosa in turn. The beetle lines warlord that led them knew how important the coming days would be and that is why he had entrusted the safe keeping of the prisoner to his son who was a great warrior. His son was waiting at the gates of the castle to greet the contingent of warriors and finish escorting the prisoner the rest of the way.
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The Great War
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