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 BT's Poetry; Silk Words straight from the heart......

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PostSubject: Re: BT's Poetry; Silk Words straight from the heart......   Tue Jan 13, 2009 12:36 am

I've seen Mimi-chan around but that was years ago...
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PostSubject: BT's Poetry; Silk Words straight from the heart......   Mon Jan 12, 2009 6:48 am

i wrote most of these years ago when i was in an old MSN  group the group  and all the friends i made there are now gone and unable to contact... please enjoy.



like a stranger in the night he came silent was he as
he entered he came and had his say though
he hardly ever speaks he stay we chatted then like the
morning mist in the noonday sun he had to leave but
he said before he left that he would return so do not fret
he will return they always do lose of life will be the only thing
that might keep him away from me and you so with
this poem i now send for i have reached.... The End



you phase from place to place...

why are you here....

what do you seek...

why can't we understand each other when we meet..

you mouth moves, yet it seems no-one hears

i wish i could understand you and know your fears

i'll be here.....

when you are in need.....

i hope you accept the help i offer....

i hope someday you recieve.....

to find what you seek...

you always use binery....

never able to comunicate....

we all hardly see you....

though you are always there....



phaseing everywhere

you come and go...

what you seek... i do not know

i hope you find it, i really hope you do

i'll always be waiting to hear something from you


BT's   Address

To Sora:

Where are you going?

What are you seeking?

What do you wish to find?

my address...

Why do you need it?

why would you want it?

What is it that you desire?

is it me.....


What plauges you?


it's ok....

i'll be here....

for i seek something too....

but, do i seek it for me?

or, do i seek it for... you...

From: 'BT'


Tsukasa AKA Tsu-kun

boy of mystery

what do you want of me

you want to help others

but not yourself

what do you need

is there something more..

i'll be waiting,


hoping to find...

i want to help you... you discover yourself

we both are searching, seeking,

each going on our own path

together in the sea of life,

on this jouney...

we don't even know

what each other is hoping to find

but if you like...

i will travel with thee

until the end of time


title: thank you

i thank you for the times we share, the love you give,
and even the sadness i feel, although i am happy you are there,
to comfort me, and hold me near, i treasure you,
though we only just met, it seems we known each other longer then that,
when we met fate was there, i thank the precious time we share,
it goes over in my mind as i sit in this chair,
i am writing this with heavy thoughts, tears in my eyes,
and an open heart, hoping that you will come in and share,
i say with a grin, a lonely life until now mine has been,
to sweeten the deal, i will do one thing more,
i pick up everything so you won't fall on the floor,
for my heart aches to see you hurt so i will make sure
you don't end up in the dirt this is the end of my little rhyme,
i hope it has not taken all of your time, for i know life is precious,
i live mine each day, so now i will let you go on your way,
but next time your down or just need a friend just call on me
i will be here, until.....      The End

thank you everyone from dot hack group you will be missed.....
( Mimi-chan, Tsukasa, Sora, A-20, Subaru, Genkin/Yugi, Kite, Ect.)

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BT's Poetry; Silk Words straight from the heart......
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